Ted Boardman

My first home was built in Sweetbriar in the mid-90s and I loved it! I currently live in Moss Creek. Each neighborhood in Winslow Farm has its charm and unique character, We should maintain them as the WFCA declarations and covenants describe so they remain attractive and desirable. Previously, I served on the WFCA Board and worked many hours with other board members to tackle difficult and long-standing concerns with walkways, signage, and landscaping. I used my strengths in researching and finding solutions to help the board make better decisions. I improved communication with a new community website and set up Winslow Farm in NextDoor. I also served on the pond committee and have co-authored “A Practical Proposal” to address water management through the common areas without drastically raising dues, or racking up debt. Professionals tell me we should put what we have learned to use, get qualified competitive bids, and maintain these areas in a less costly and more consistent manner. This will allow us to have enough to maintain all neighborhood features. I encourage you to also vote for Anita Douglas and Sandy Martin, as we will strive to make this happen. I currently work in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Indiana University and volunteer for organizations that help people with visual disabilities.

Anita Douglas

Anita Douglas. 28 year resident of Winslow Farm and Moss Creek. Retired in 2017 after 28 years as a CPA. 12 years spent working in corporate world followed by 16 years with Indiana University. Finished career as Assistant Director of Administrative Services at the Indiana Memorial Union. Previously served on board of Moss Creek, Community Kitchen, and Local Council of Women as well as previous stent on Winslow Farm board. I currently serve on the board of IU Retirees Association.

Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin

I moved to Moss Creek Village in June 2015 and was recruited to become a WFCA Board member January 2017. During my tenure with the board I gained considerable knowledge of the issues and history related to our community. I would suggest that my positive attitude, problem-solving skills and focus on developing effective communications served well as a board member.  I created newsletters, revised the WFCA website, updated documents, and promoted ideas to better serve our community. 

I hold a compassion for addressing the diverse needs of the entire WFCA community, both for those who own condos and those who own stand-alone homes. I feel blessed to live in such a lovely community and strive to see it well-maintained. 

In November 2018 I joined the pond committee.  Even though the pond committee disbanded February 2020, most recently I dedicated countless hours to identifying a reasonable resolution to the pond issues.  These efforts culminated in co-authoring the Practical Proposal and the creation of the companion informative website.

I served almost 40 years in education, with considerable experience with significant financial oversight as a grant coordinator for the Indianapolis Public Schools, as well as other various state and local positions.  

I look forward to continuing to contribute to our community and its multiple neighborhoods. I would greatly appreciate your vote along with support for Ted Boardman and Anita Douglas.  Together as a team, we are committed to:

  • Selecting the most economical and effective solutions to address WFCA issues based upon relevant data.
  • Improving overall WFCA community relations with improved communications and transparency.
  • Increasing responsiveness to community concerns and issues.