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After reviewing A Conceptual Design submitted to the WFCA Board from Mr. Andrew Knust, P.E of Bledsoe Riggert Cooper and James Land Surveying Civil Engineering GIS, three WFCA residents met to compile a reaction.  During the time this document was being created a thread of somewhat contentious comments was shared through emails.  It has been our intent to complete our reaction to the Conceptual Design  and respond to the emails. It has been an arduous and time-consuming effort to analyze and provide alternatives to The Conceptual Design.

The three members offering this response represent considerable knowledge with regards to the ponds and potential resolutions. Ted Boardman and Sandy Martin have both served on the WFCA Board.  At one time or another, along with Lynn Struve, all three have been members of the WFCA Pond Committee. Additionally, Lynn has been recognized as a long-time advocate for her community.

It should be noted that no less than eleven residents have served on the pond committee.  There have been concerted efforts by many to address the problems and submit ideas to the WFCA Board.  Ted, Sandy and Lynn offer the information on this website in effort to continue these efforts.

Ted and Sandy will welcome the opportunity to meet with neighborhood small groups to answer questions and discuss the items listed in The Practical Proposal.  Simply use the form on the “contact” page to request a presentation.

Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin moved to WFCA during the work on ponds #1 and #2 and was soon recruited as a WFCA Board member.  Her contributions focused on increasing communications by redesigning the WFCA website, creating newsletters and informational presentations for the WFCA annual general meeting. It was her contention that the WFCA Board should communicate with its residents more effectively.

It should be noted that she had included on the WFCA website an interactive option to identify all the common areas for which WFCA was responsible.  Unfortunately, since her departure from the WFCA Board, this feature is no longer activated.  Had this feature been maintained it would serve to answer some of the questions that have emerged in recent emails.  Eventually, she joined the pond committee and was responsible for compiling recommendations to the WFCA Board from the pond committee.

Sandy had the opportunity to meet with quite a few contractors to inspect the ponds and discuss various issues and resolutions. These meetings provided considerable information.

Prior to retirement, she had considerable experience in both monitoring grants and submitting funding proposals. As a result, she worked with a WFCA resident to submit a grant proposal to the city for funds to assist with the costs to alleviate some significant erosion problems.  She attended city grant workshop meetings and helped to submit RFPs to over a dozen contractors seeking bids for work on pond #3. She also reviewed other grant opportunities for WFCA.

After continued frustration with WFCA management Sandy departed the Board in February 2020.  She has volunteered countless hours to collate valuable information and create this website and the Practical Proposal document to assist WFCA residents in the decision-making process.

Ted Boardman

Ted Boardman

Ted Boardman has exhibited a long-standing interest in the WFCA ponds.  He has been both a member of the WFCA Board and a member of the pond committee. Building upon his professional skills, Ted exhibits exceptional research skills and a tenacious spirit to ensure that WFCA maintains a quality community standard.

Ted was directly involved with the restoration of ponds #1 and #2. He observed that the errors in installing the bank erosion material was a direct result of poor contractor project management and poor selection of the contractor, who did not follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As a result, he began an extensive investigation of qualified land and water management groups, and properly qualified contractors for subsequent projects. He also wrote the Request For Proposal for a comprehensive pond management plan. The WFCA board revised and approved the RFP and the subsequent selection of Davey Resource Group to author the plan and provide professional land and water management consultation to WFCA.

Over the years he has established a relationship with a variety of contractors specializing in pond repair and maintenance.  Most recently he has researched numerous alternatives to the estimates provided in the Conceptual Design.

Few, if anyone, has done more research with regards to the varying facets of the WFCA pond maintenance and restoration issues.

With the combination of having knowledge of the previous WFCA pond improvements efforts and his time on the early pond committee he has built a significant foundation of information to accurately review and assess the current Knust recommendations. He has spent hours researching and reviewing products and service providers, renewing contacts, collecting additional data and organizing informational meetings.

Ted works for Indiana University in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, previously served as president of the WFCA board, serves on a City of Bloomington advisory board for transportation and mobility, and currently is the president of the local chapter of the American Council of the Blind.

Lynn Struve

Lynn Struve

With great regret we announce that Lynn has recently moved and though her interest in enhancing WFCA remains, we will greatly miss her direct involvement.

Lynn has been able to provide a historical perspective to the progress, or more accurately, the lack of progress to address the pond issues.  She has been a constant voice to the WFCA Board, rarely missing a WFCA Board meeting over many years.

Professionally, Lynn is an astute researcher and author.  She volunteered those skills to the creation of this project by collecting data, performing interviews and contributing her impressive editorial talents.

However, her greatest contribution was her inspiration and persistence to see that a well-thought-out response was created and disseminated throughout WFCA.  She has been tireless holding the WFCA accountable to its obligations.

Her generousity was not limited to her tireless contribution of her time and energy to the neighborhood.  Her charitable spirit was unmatched.  

Her concerns for WFCA’s ability to maintain a standard of quality has been unquestionable.  It is important to note that her assessment of needs to be addressed were never limited to the ponds.  She spoke for the entire community. Lynn’s skills and  perserverence will be missed.