The WFCA Board asked Mr. Knust, who authored the Conceptual Report on behalf of Bledsoe, Riggert James and Cooper, to review The Practical Proposal. The version he reviewed was a PRELIMINARY version given to the WFCA Board in June 2021, and not intended for redistribution to homeowners at that time. 

The preliminary proposal was quickly compiled to meet an urgent need to provide information to the WFCA Board.  We realized more time was needed to gather detailed information. Here are our responses in context of the CURRENT PRACTICAL PROPOSAL to Mr. Knust’s comments.

Even though there are several items addressed in his comments, there are three distinctive points that reflect the concerns of WFCA residents:

  1.  Using HIS ESTIMATES, the first addresses the issue of identifying the least costly option for WFCA to implement for the pond improvement project. You can read a detailed explanation of the Recommendation for Option B Pond Renewal. We do cite an itemized list of actual costs to dredge and reline ponds 1 and 2. We have also indicated we are trying to get a budgetary estimate from a pond dredging professional. But his estimates are used, for now, in The Practical Proposal Option B.
  2. The second area of disagreement involves the interpretation of additional costs.  His list of recommendations for tasks to be completed prior to work on Pond #3 forms the foundation for The Practical Proposal list of ancillary costs not included in his estimate for scenario 2.  Practical Proposal team members called various professionals to obtain reasonable estimates so homeowners would have an idea of the real total cost for the different scenarios.
  3.  The third issue is related to the costs associated with maintenance and long-term care of the ponds.  You can see the argument questioning the assumption that the stream channel will provide WFCA with savings. Additionally, you will find vital information with regards to methods that will provide for better overall water quality.  These time-tested methods backed by numerous testimonials from clients could significantly mitigate the need for more expensive maintenance methods such as dredging.  You can read about such methods and review the new proposal for WFCA from Clean Flo.

If you are interested in seeing our responses to each of his comments: click here for a chart.